Choosing the Right Dog for your Family

Adding a dog to any family is a huge decision and many factors need to be carefully considered to ensure that you choose the right dog for your lifestyle. You will be making a commitment to be responsible for your pet’s physical and mental welfare for at least the next ten years. So, what should you consider to make this match a perfect one?
  • Dogs are Dogs. This means that they bite, bark, scratch, sniff other dog’s bottoms, chase things that move, roll in fowl smells, dig and so on. You must be prepared for all these behaviours and more!
  • Time. A happy dog requires exercise, grooming, feeding, mental stimulation and affection to name a few. Do you have plenty of extra time in a busy family schedule? Think carefully about whether you can provide these basic needs at least one a day, every day!
  • Adult or puppy?  Raising a sociable and well mannered puppy takes patience, time, patience, knowledge, patience, a sense of humour, patience…! Although extremely rewarding, a puppy may not right for your situation. Consider re-homing an adult dog whose character is already formed and may require less training, time and energy.
  • Rescue organisation or Breeder? There are literally thousands of dogs that need homes in NZ. Obtaining a dog from a rescue organisation is a fantastic option and is usually much cheaper than buying a pure bred dog. Rescue dogs are often crossbred which means that character traits will not be as predictable as a purebred. However, crossbred dogs may be less susceptible to inherited diseases.
  • Which breed? If you decide that a purebred dog is for you, the next step is choosing a breed. This requires research, research and more research. Historically dogs were bred for specific purposes and this influences a dog’s character traits and suitability for particular lifestyles. For example…. will it be acceptable when your terrier chases the neighbour’s cat? What if your collie tries to herd your visitors? Will you get frustrated when your hound prefers to track rabbits than heed your calls?  
  • Which breeder? Not all breeders are created equal! In order to become well adjusted and sociable adults, puppies should be raised in the family home rather than a pet store or outdoor kennels. You should always meet the parents of your puppy and assess their temperaments. They should be clear of inheritable diseases that could be passed onto pups. Beware a breeder that allows you to buy a puppy with few questions about your lifestyle and suitability as a puppy parent. This breeder probably cares more about your money than the puppies’ welfare. Avoid breeders that have more than one litter at a time or breed several different types of dogs. Puppies in this environment are unlikely to get the care and attention required to grow into great pets.

Think carefully before you decide to invite a dog into your life and consider this – are you the perfect owner for that doggie in the window?

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