Play With Your Dog!

Dogs are incredibly social animals that naturally show a high level of play behaviour. In fact, play is an important form of social interaction between both puppies and adult dogs. Pet dogs that regularly engage in play sessions with their owners and other dogs are more obedient, more sociable and less aggressive. Sadly, it is behavioural problems that are the major reason why dogs are surrendered, abandoned or euthanized, so easily avoided by having some fun with your dog.

So, is your dog getting enough out of life? How often do you engage your dog with games, challenges or puzzles?

How about trying some of these ideas to enrich your dog’s day:pippijumpjpg 1

  •  Got a digging dog? Build a sandpit and bury their toys!
  • Provide a paddling pool or take your dog for a swim at the beach
  • Play games of fetch, frisbee and tug of war. A toy tied to a tree is a great target for jumping and tugging.
  • Play hide and seek
  • Instead of feeding in a bowl, scatter your dog’s dinner on the lawn to make him forage for his food – or hide his dinner in the house.
  • Blow bubbles for your dog
  • Take regular walks in a variety of places that let your dog experience new sights and smells and encounter a range of dogs and people
  • Find safe areas for off lead romps
  • Teach a new trick
  • Spend time with your dog! Social isolation can be devastating for a dog
  • Provide a raw meaty bone
  • Stuff a Kong (durable and hollow rubber toy) with your dog’s dinner, peanut butter, cream cheese, plain yoghurt, mince, wet dog food – the list is endless!
Make a point of observing your dog and the way he plays – the objects and games he chooses – and you will have a great tool for enriching his life.  

Given the benefits, simple play sessions should be part of your dogs’ daily routine, helping to increase both mental and physical stimulation. In turn, this may help reduce common behaviour problems that all too often stem from the daily boredom typical of today’s ‘doggy domestication’. Now, where was that tennis ball….?

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