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Urban Dog School

Enroll in our Urban Dog School & leave it to us to train your dog!

Our urban dog school service offers convenient and customised training solutions for busy owners. We train your dog for you to get fast and effective results.

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Our Urban Dog School is suitable for:

  • Adolescent dogs that have forgotten their manners
  • General obedience including recall and leash walking
  • Basic training at home for new pups
  • Socialisation to the big wide world for fully vaccinated puppies
  • Dogs that get excited around other dogs while on lead
  • Shy dogs that need to build confidence

How it works:

We start with an initial consult at your home or our training center to take a detailed history of your dog training issues. We'll then come up with a customised plan to suit your dog's training needs, set some training goals and detail how often we'll take your dog out.
After an agreed number of day training sessions we'll meet up with you to transfer the new skills that your dog has learnt with us.

Initial consult and first training session: $145
Day training session: $70/45 mins


About us

The D’For Dog team goes further than just dog training - we teach you to recognise why your dog behaves the way he or she does. You’ll learn the skills and techniques to effectively communicate with your dog and change your dog's behaviour, so that you are able to mould your pooch into the dog you’ve always wanted. Contact us now and reap the benefits of a well trained dog!

Our Guarantee

We stand by our training methods – if you follow our programme you will see your dog’s behaviour improve! However, if you aren’t convinced after your first session, you are under no obligation to embark on a D’For Dog programme.

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