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Dog Training and Behaviour Specialists 

We are currently taking a break from
D for DOG

As such we are no longer taking on new clients or running any workshops. We apologise for the inconvienince and wish you all the best with your dog training.

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Feel like your dog needs a tailor made plan? From puppies to serious behaviour issues, we've got you covered.

One on One

Bush, forest, paddocks and streams...it's time to explore! Let dogs be dogs at our private, 50 acre country club.

Off leash life

Spend a day at the D for DOG country club participating in one of our specialty training workshops

Train, Play, Learn


A life long fascination with the natural world led us both, sisters Paula and Jo, to study animal behavior. As our knowledge grew, our focus was drawn into the wonderful world of dogs - they truly are our life!

In 2009 we came together to form D for DOG, a boutique business specializing in pet dog training and behavior. More recently, we joined Unitec Institute of Technology where we teach in both the practical and theoretical aspects of canine behavior and training.

We live on a beautiful farm in Hunua with our six dogs, all of whom have taught us invaluable lessons about life with Canis familiaris!

Thank you for choosing D for DOG to be a part of this exciting journey with your dog - we look forward to working with you both.


Jo Thorne, MSc

Paula Thorne, MSc

"If a dog's prayers were answered, bones would rain from the sky"

Suzanne Clothier

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