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Committed to providing the most effective solutions to our client’s dog training needs, I believe that the secret to a wonderful life with your dog begins with a relationship based on compassionate leadership, clear communication & of course, loads of fun and friendship!

I am passionate about pursuing ongoing education and professional development by attending seminars and keeping current on the latest industry research. This is crucial for my role at Unitec where I teach NZ's next generation of trainers.

When I'm not helping clients and their canine companions you can find me hanging out with my own four dogs and looking for our next adventure together.


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Dogs and humans have developed a unique relationship with each other over the course of thousands of years. In fact, there really isn’t any other two species that share such a bond! My passion is in understanding that relationship and learning about the effect of our own behaviour on the behaviour of our dogs.

I like to keep up to date with the latest research and regularly attend seminars and conferences so that I am continuing to learn. This also helps me with my lecturing role at Unitec, teaching in Canine Behaviour and Training.

If I’m not out with client dogs, I’m probably in the forest with my own dogs, or pottering in the garden.  


"Dogs are, after all, man's best friend. The least we can do is try to understand them a little better"
Nicholas Dodman
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